The Missing Secrets of Magnetism& Fractality – Ferrocell & CRT Revelations of Fractal Toroidal Electromagnetic Dynamics of Magnetism, Light & Di-Electricity (Electrostatics)



Ferrocell: Device to see permanent magnetism & Light at play, like never before ❤





Currently we understand electric and magnetic fields as shown by iron filings, which is incomplete, lacking symmetric complexity.

The ferrocell, for the first time in human history, reveals the full electromagnetic field symmetry including its spin in all its complexicty! Its nothing like the iron filings visualization had teached us. This is uncharted territory and will impact on all branches of science!

Ferrocell shows the connection between permanent magnetism and electromagnetism (light). The resulting field that can be observed is usually “dark”, unless illuminated using light. Its the “permanent electric” of a permanent magnet – #ElectricResonance #ElectronResonance #permanent #electromagneticfield #unknownsymmetry #opposedspin


7.3 Attraction vs repulsion

NASA Goddard Oct 2018: Gravity dynamics of black holes, or rather permanent (electromagnetic) repulsion seen through ferrocell (see slide above, bottom right)?

Ferrocell and single light source. Light warps around magnetic bloch wall.

Notice the effect of changing lighting or viewing angle on a ferrocell

Light accumulates towards the event horizon of the black hole. (Berkeley University, 2018)

FERROCELL ANNAanothermoebius infodscn_a_1869

Ferrocell – Permanent magnetism & Light: Two opposed spin waves

Left image: Magnet above ferrocell, single light source behind center of magnet. Right image: Magnet below ferrocell, aequatorial ligthing



Ferrocell visualization of permanent magnetic field

Left: Overlay of attraction & repulsion Right: Overlay of bar magnet with aequatorial and back lighting.

Sundog & Ferrocell

Ferrocell and Sundog light phenomena

4 soapbubbles tetrahedron

4 soap bubbles and their shared surfaces (magnetic bloch wall) forming a tetrahedron symmetry.

Using light, the ferrocell reveals the fine details of the electromagnetic field symmetry and spin that remains hidden in iron filings visualization.

Electric and magnetic fields conjugated in toroidal symmetry. A point polarization resulting in opposed spin equilibrium. Its not only sine- and cosine waves.

The ferrocell reveals a point-symmetry of the electromagnetic field, indicating a new type of spherical electromagnetic wave. A pulse-oscillation, like a heart beating contraction, expansion, explosion, implosion, attraction, repulsion relative to a point, nature’s toroidal standing wave. While pulsing, its spinning. 

Earth holographic toroidal eletric & magnetic energy field

Earth’s toroidal energy dynamics.

Electric & magnetic fields are the only fields that can propagate without a medium. They can travel through “empty space”. The logical conclusion is that permanent magnetic fields and electric resonance are medium/space itself, thereby “not requiring an additional medium to propagate through”.

An electric field induces a magnetic field and vice versa. They are ultimately connected.

hurricane eye gifsunspot gif

Analogy of di-electromagnetic energy dynamics of a hurricane eye and a sunspot.

Hurricane opposed spin

Notice the opposed spin dynamics of a hurricane.

Nature’s stading wave: Two opposed spins, converging, diverging, in a pulse oscillatory equilibrium.

Must read:

Fractal Nature


In magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), if a patient has a metal implant, there is disturbance patterns appearing. They look exactely like the pattern we can observe in a Permanent magnet seen with Ferrocell (Light) or Cathod Ray Tube (CRT, Electron gun and fluorescent screen, like old TV).

What is the magnetic-(electric) resonance aspect of a permanent magnet? 

1.2tumblr_o0uvnxeUi21qdim8eo1_540torus motion

Toroidal dynamics.

We havent yet found the end of the electromagnetic spectrum. It seems limitless, yet defined measurable EM-wavelengths. Like a fractal – geometric infinity  – and yet defined.



Neither Dark Matter nor Dark Energy has ever been measured. They are mathematical predictions only. This means, we only investigate 4% of everything smashing particles.

Einstein said, E=mc2, so everything can be seen as energy. .

Natures Energy has not been defined, we assume its “dark”: Yet, in my opinion, Light, Electricity & permanent magnetism and dielectric/electrostatic potential, all connected to one another are the drivers of natures dynamics, nothing dark required. They can perfectly cover attraction, repulsion, motion, illumination, volume, structure/geometry, oscillation, power potential, spin, compression, expansion and point polarization.


The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT, electrons & permanent magnetism):

Vibration: Nature’s Simplicity – Simple Frequency & Vibration to create very complex symmetry. Electromagnetic vibration is nature’s fundamental language.


Noone has published any answers so far to what we observe when looking at a permanent magnet through ferrocell, its not understood. It doesnt show the magnetic field as we currently understand it:

The full magnetic field symmetry is only visible (illuminated), when energy such as photons (ferrocell) or electrons (CRT) are applied.

The ferrocell reveals the electromagnetic field to include permanent opposed spins and standing wave patterns!

N&S attractive poles: iron filings has horizontal connections, ferrocell no horizontal connections.

N&N repulsive poles: Iron filings have no horizontal connection, ferrocell has.

A bar magnet: vortecies at each pole visible with ferrocell & Bloch wall, not visible using iron filings.

Continuous/static (equilibrated) or moving (non-equilibrated, polarized) opposed spin patterns!

Magnetic resonance - change one of the opposed equilibrated spins seen with ferrocell to create all forms of geometry and motion



The full electromagnetic spectrum:

  1. Known: Electromagnetic sine and cosine waves.

  2. Unknown, revealed by Ferrocell: Electromagnetic point-oscillatory waves (toroidal), like a pulse, a toroid, exploding, imloding, exploding, imploding, oscillating from one into the other, expansion, contraction around a ponit of symmetry, Nature’s  electromagnetic standing wave.



Plasma, electrically excited matter, matter’s 4th state next to gaseous, liquid and solid (some impressions, Plasma almost looks alive):


Considerable similarities of electric current carving its fractal way through wooden material compared to a landscape seen from above, our lung structure, corals, coast-line patterns, the branching of a tree or lightning strike.

A 180° point inverse relation of the electromagnetic field to itself, making it toroidal, fully 3-dimensional, fractal, literally being the electromagnetic structure of space.

Polarization in reference to the toroids center, the point of origin/reference, infinite compression and therefore infinite potential to become something through potential decharge.

The higher the electromagnetic compression, the higher the energy density.

Light: the smaller the wavelength, the higher the potential. Red light is warm, x-Ray hurts us. Infinitely small wavelength at point of symmetry, infinite electric energy potential.

Water & Electricity forming neuron like geometry?


Permanent magnetic fields, electric resonance & Spin dynamics:

Why do all plants spin & vibrate (in very slow motion) as they grow? Why does earth spin and sing (vibrate) as every cosmological object has its overtone frequency?

Spin in Electric Currents


The permanent magnetic field, a fractal field?


Light is an electromagnetic wave. Light Electricity and Magnetism are therefore all connected to each other. Magnetic fields seem to be fractal. Electricity and matter form fractal patterns. The sundog shows the fractal pattern of light interacting with matter.


How to imagine Fractal Nature (Mandelbrot, Cardioid, Nephroid..)


Golden Mean Polymer Art-Design: Golden mean designed polymer structure on a spinning table. Golden angle strobe lighting (every 137.5°). The sculpture seems to come alive, slowed down from its base spin, even moving against base spin, behaving as if its a completely independent entity, as alive.

Phi gif 2

Toroidal Spin & Disected circle every 137.5° (Golden Angle) – Growing Sun Flower

Spin: If a circle is disected by golden angle (137.5°), it never ends up on the same spot twice.

Vortex based mathematics (VBM, Randy Powell, Marko Rodin)





Missing attributes of magnetic fields in our current understanding, revealed by Ferrocell and CRT.





Light (ferrocell) concentrates, where electrons (CRT) dont.



Could the electron shells be fractal, toroidal, dielectro/electrostatic-magnetic?


Toroidal dynamics of our Earth’s Atmosphere

The same at Saturn and Jupiters Poles.





Coherent spin (linear), noncoherent spin (turbulent)


Storm Clouds, toroidal dynamics at “large” scale.



This is an overlap of fotos of sun-dog phenomenon observed by naked eye. Again we see a toroid, as observed in ferrocell aswell (Does this connect all scales?).

An “apple” of light 🙂 As if the apple is a stable form of light. As light is an electromagnetic wave, the apple is as a stable form of electromagnetic wave, a standing wave.




The bright spot of a rainbow can be reproduced using ferrocell. A toroid of light.





Nature is all about Bubbles (Energy bursts) & Vortecies (Energy sinks), Centrifugal & Centripetal Spin



The Magnetic Event Horizon (discovered by Ken L. Wheeler)

Red Shift Blue Shift mimicked by Light & Magnetism (Ken L. Wheeler)

This Journey has just started. Thank you Timm Vanderelli for inventing The Ferrocell pointing to Toroidal Energy Dynamics, the Science of Tomorrow ❤

The only intent of this webpage is to inspire, share and care.



To understand the sercrets of electromagnetic fields and their standing wave pattern, we have to understand the connection between”alignment of spin”, which is what happens when a permanent magnet is created. Electrons are aligned relative to each other, which as effect amplifies their spin wave pattern into macrocosmos as a electromagnetic field. During this process, nothing is changed about the net amount of matter, only electron spin alignment is changed. There is an infinite amount of different ways spins can be aligned/oriented relative to each other. Spins are relative to each other is how nature encodes information.

Its all about the collective. How the many spins are relative to each other and their resulting electromagnetic field symmetry and macroscopic standing wave pattern. At least two spins are required to create this effect. Electrons wobble around their spin axis (spin precession). This wobbling can be transmitted from one electron to the other, like a wave. If billions of electrons align their wobbling wave-motion, the collective electron spin precession information is amplified into macroscopic standing wave patterns of electromagnetic fields. Just like Fibonacci suggests, one spin precession information relative to its neighbour. One number relative to the other, the only mathematical row that is defined by two numbers instead of 3, because the conjugation of electron spin alingment and resulting macroscopic permanent magnetic field symmetry and standing wave pattern is  elegantly simple.

Side-remark: Currently, we are living the electric revolution, and it just started 😉

Nature’s creation: Lets use the BigBang analogy. At the beginning, all energy is concentrated to a point. This point is an infinite dielectric/electrostatic potential, decharged into electric current, inducing a magnetic field.

Oscillating electric- & magnetic fields. There are moving electromagnetic waves (Photons & Electrons) or standing electromagnetic waves (the permanent magnetic field and its conjugated electric field – Resonance).



  1. comment on video: JK Plasma Magnetics Experiment 2
    After very cool demonstration, he says “It shows that magnetic lines, are actually they have spin”. Which seems to be true. But if that is true, then I would think that a magnet could induce an electrical current in a wire by just sitting stationary next to it. When in fact, the magnet has to be moving with respect to wire to induce a current. At least that’s what I have heard. Wonder why.

    comment on video: 3. There’s something about phi – Chapter 11 – The golden toroid and the infinite spiral
    There is nothing special about using phi to get repetitions of that ratio around a circle to never return to original position. What he is doing will work with any irrational number (such as √2), and phi is irrational because it includes that √5.


    1. Hi Atelios, thank you for making it through all the content!
      I think there is no current induced as we see CW and CCW spin at the same time when a magnet is viewed through ferrocell. We would need to change this equilibrium to get spin to perform work. What I find particularily interesting is that we do not associate opposed spins to neighter permanent magentism nor light, or am I wrong? 🙂


      1. Thank you very much for responding!! You say there is actually CW and CCW spin at the same time, and if that is true, I do see that that might well preclude the induction of a current from a stationary magnetic. But if you look at this video, which is of the same thing but slowed down by filming at 400 frames per second, it seems that that is not the case:

        You see, I am interested in this field of perpetual motion/free energy. I am really wondering now if maybe a stationary magnetic DOES induce a slight current. What if you would wrap a very fine wire around a magnetic as large and powerful as the one in the demonstration. Could it possibly induce a very small current?


      2. As Nature is fractal, which implys infinity, I am confident that the energy is there. I think of it as an Electromagnetic Equilibrium, a form of Resonance & Harmony (CW & CCW spin at the same time, as in Ferrocell). Most difficult question there is, how to tap it. My guess would be to combine all 3 forms of Energy, permanent magnetism, electricity and matter (spark gap, Plasma – electrified matter) and play around, try to make it resonate electrically speaken.

        Ken L. Wheeler wrote the most amazing free e-book, where he summarizes all his thoughts about magnetism. If you can overread the hate against Einstein and main stream science, you will enjoy the content. He is a brilliant mind. (Download link to Wheelers e-book)


  2. Intereseting, nice presentations of facts…


    what does all this mean?

    What is your point, and what are you trying to conclude..

    more text and summary man..

    Keep it up!


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