The Missing Secrets of ElectroMagnetism & Fractality – Ferrocell, CRT and Ferroliquid Revelations of Fractal Toroidal Electromagnetic Energy Dynamics – or in other words: Why we dont need anything else than (Di-)Electric power potential and Magnetism (vibrating fundamental electromagnetic field – cymatics) to explain the Universe


Scientifically unobserved and for certain unexplained – Never have I come across any literature taking note of the above presented observations of permanent magnetic field interactions

Check Kelvin Abrahams channel for tons of amazing content! He bases his theory on a fundamental zero-point fields forming spacial voluminous electromagnetic matter. It’s perfectly compliant to the view, that everything in Nature is fundamentally governed by Electrics and Mangetics, which are a conjugate and therefore the one and only thing that is the building block for everything else. #TheoryOfEverything

#NeverStopAskingQuestions The government is hiding the good stuff…. A recently released US army patent shows, they are very well aware of the fundamentals of nature being electric and magnetic fields and that by playing with it, you can access currently unavailable incredible energies and gravity control. Read it, after you read the blog and you will realize it yourself.

Stephen Hawkins searched for the theory of everything for his whole life. Its the ultimate goal of scientific research. To explain observations with physics. To find rules, that can describe micro to macro, forces and system dynamics, through all matter and space.

Currently, we have two successful theories: Einsteins relativity to describe macroscopic phenomena and quantum physics to describe mircoscopic phenomena. Unfortunately, when we try to combine the two, it doesnt work out very well. The two theories dont harmonize with each other. So, what are we missing out? Why cant the two theories be combined?

To move forward, we have to rather focus on what we do not know than what we know and find new physics that can explain micro to macro with one theory only. How could such a theory be like? What would be suitable physics rules that govern through all scales of the universe?

Lets start the very beginning of our universe.

The standard model predicts a big-bang universe. That at beginning, all matter and all energies, all forces, where concentrated to an infinitely energetic point-source that does not contain any dimensional expression. But as this point is able to create something – like our universe – it must be something already, right? Must contain energy-potential that can be used for creation, must contain rules – a code – that creation follows.

Especially at the beginning of the big-bang, our current physics break down. This is true for both, Einsteins relativity and quantum physics. They dont work anymore. The energy is so high, basically infinitely high, that our physics cant handle it. We are used to work with quantization, not so much with infinities. A theory of everything would need to be able to work with such incredibly high energies, to work with infinities.

Our current situation is as followed:


Our physics, be it quantum or relativity, explain 4% of our observable universe. This includes all types of matter, all types of forces and energies that we currently understand. 96% of the remaining universe has never been measured, never been observed. Our current observations predict that they are there, but physics cant handle them, just like it cant handle the early stages of the big bang. We call it dark matter and dark energy, because we have no idea what they consist of or how to measure and interact with them. They are like a dark spots in our understanding.

To see this in a positive light, it means we have plenty of room to find new theories that can account for the remaining 96% of the unexplained. If we focus on what we know, which is the 4% only, it will be very difficult to extend this understanding to suddenly account for the remaining 96%. Our current theories would require a 96% enormous correction. Never the less, we cant ignore what we currently understand. It must be included in the theory, but the theory must be extended massively to account for the 100%. Lets therefore mainly focus on what we dont know, the 96%. What could this dark matter and dark energy actually be? How could we describe them? What type of physics would include such unexplained dark energy and matter?

It would need to be something, that goes beyond quantization, something that includes infinities, something that can work with infinite compression, such as the big-bang. Do we know anything from our current physics, that could handle it?

Yes, I believe we do. Its electric power potential and magnetism, but in a heavily extended form of how we currently describe them. They both exist beyond quantization. They both include fundamental polarization – North and south magnetic pole, positive and negative charge.

Lets assume, we have two exactely equal amounts/quants of matter than can be magnetized. Both consist of the same amount of atoms, the same amount of electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks etc. Once, we magnetize one of the two, a new attribute is added in addition to the equal amount of matter. A magnetic field is created. Nothing has changed relative to the amount of matter, its still the exact same amount of atoms, yet through magnetization, a field becomes observable and measureable, its quasi like creating something out of nothing – just like in the beginning of the big-bang, where our universe is created from nothing, that must actually be something, this point of infinite energy potential.

Unfortunately, natures energy, the energy that is capable to create the big-bang and our universe, our conciousness, our human experience, has never been defined by phsics. We think its something dark and exotic, something we have never seen or measured before, but what I would like to point out to you is, that we very well know this energy.

Its electric power potential – infinitely high electric power potential with infinite energy density at the beginning of the big bang that can be decharged/decompressed into an electric current, and as we know from current understanding, every moving charge, every moving electric current creates a magnetic field, which makes it dimensional, voluminous.

The electric power potential is the universe basically infinite energy source and magnetism is the dimensional expression, the forces that act over distance. Magnetism is the thing that accounts for our universe’s volume, why things attract or repulse, contract or expand, spin clockwise or counterclockwise. This is the ultimate concept for the theory of everything.

Think of what an atom is. Its point-sourced moving charge (proton, electron) that has an associated dimensional space-bubble (magnetism).

How does nature express energy? Through vibration! Vibration is why things move from A to B, why they have spin or not, why things are high or low energetic, why they form hexagons, spheres or spirals or any other thinkable shape, why things grow…

The question remaining is what is vibrating? For me, this answer is 100% clear. Its the electromagnetic field that is vibrating, from micro to macro, over all scales of our universe. Everything in nature is about electromagnetic fields, and fields are NOT PARTICLES.

Breaking a Magnet – The permanent magnetic Atom

Breaking a magnet

Proven fact: Every moving charge creates a magnetic field.

Proven fact: The electron is permanent moving charge, thereby creating a permanent magnetic field.

Is the electron’s permanent magnetic field any different from a macroscopic permanent magnetic field?

Proven fact: Break a permanent magnet, you get two new smaller permanent magnets.

Until how small can this “breaking the magnet into two smaller magnets” be applied?

Can this be applied to the electron’s permanent magnetic field?

What happens, if you break the electron’s permanent magnetic field?

Will you get two new smaller permanent magnetic fields?

What happens to the electron’s moving charge, in the moment you break the electron’s permanent magnetic field? Will you get two smaller moving charges?

Magnetic fields are infinitely scalable, there is no smallest unit.

As Magnetic and Electric are conjugate, there is likely also no smallest unit to Electric aswell!

Permanent magnets are permanent wave-based entities. This is why breaking a magnet always results in new magnets. The oscillation that initially defined the magnet simply splits its vibration to the newly created material-splitters and vibrates there in each of them on a different frequency depending on the created splitter size.

This is also, why two magnets can behave like 1 (if north and south of the two magnets are combined (classic sense), or two magnets can behave like 4 (if the two bloch walls of the magnets are pushed together). They “sing” together. If we consider the bloch wall of 1 magnet as wavelength 1 and the magnets are combined N/S, the new resulting wavelength is 0.5, making the two magnets to behave like 1. If the two magnets are combined blochwall to blochwall, the resulting wavelength is 2, therefore making the 2 magnets to behave like 4. Try it out yourself. All you need is a magnetic viewing film and 2 magnets :)!!!! Ever wondered, how 1 cell becomes two after fertilization? The magnetic field present in this one first cell simply switches it’s standing-wave frequency, so this one magnet becomes to, exactly as described above. (I’ll add photo documentation later)

The electron and Electric Currents

Fact: Electron flow (AC) or electron oscillations (DC) occur between two charged entities containing an electro potential.

Tesla was no friend to this concept of electron flow or oscillations being the correct concept for electric currents

Fact: According to current understanding, we limit the scale for electric currents to occur to the electron scale, as it’s defined by electron flow or oscillations between the two charged entities.

But: An analogous situation of charged entities containing electro potential is present on much smaller scales, for example, within the atom:

Fact: In an atom, we have two charged entities – A negative charge in form of the electron and a positive charge in form of a proton.

Why should there not occur an electric current or electric oscillation between the atom’s electron negative potential and proton’s positive potential?

The electron can’t be the potential’s exchanger/carrier for the electric current to occur anymore, as it’s below its scale, but everything else as concept for charge transfer to occur is present.

The current would spherically/toroidally oscillate between the electron’s negative charge and the proton’s positive charge – a pulsing toroid – contracting to positive charge and expanding to negative charge in continuous fashion.

Nature’s permanent energy – The Atom and Permanent Magnets – Permanent charge potential and permanent magnetism

The permanent Electron and the permanent Proton

Let’s talk about the „permanent“ energy in permanent magnets:
Humanity made a big-ass mistake in their understanding of electric Energy, limited to electron’s scale.
We can work very well with limited energies, because our physics describes energy as electron motion between two charged entities. A potential discharges during charge transfer, until the potential is exhausted.
But we really have no understanding of the “permanent” energy present in every atom.
Fact: There are two charged entities (proton and electron) that oscillate back and forth “permanently!”
These permanent electric oscillations create their own permanent magnetic field.
We currently have zero understanding of this type of energy, because it cannot be described by moving electrons between charged entities. It’s the electron and proton themself, which permanently exists, that are the charged entities, they do not seem to exhaust-over-time due to their present oscillation between the charges. It’s a permanent electromagnetic oscillation.
This toroidal oscillation is the building block for a permanent magnet, made from atoms, permanently oscillating between proton and electron, “never” getting exhausted. As the permanent magnets building block is an oscillating EM-entity, it’s a mistake to conclude to think the permanent magnet on macroscopic would not also have such energy in it – A spinning oscillating EM-entity.

This is basically why our models don’t scale. Why Einsteins Relativity (macros) doesn’t harmonize with Quantum mechanics (micros).

With our current incorrect understanding of energy being limited, we conclude that the permanent magnet doesn’t spin, doesn’t oscillate, yet on atomic scale, the permanent magnetic field created by the permanent moving charge of the permanent electron oscillates and spins. They are the same, yet our physics completely disagree.

But as said, we currently don’t understand this type of energy. Our understanding is limited to the exhaustible energy of electron exchange between charge potentials, not the electron’s and proton’s energy itself, which is permanent and therefore, basically “infinite”.

This journey of discovery of a point-sourced unified understanding of nature expressed through vibration cymatics of the electromagnetic field started, when I stumbled over the ferrocell some years ago. It blew my mind how it visualizes magnetic fields of permanent magnets using photons (electromagnetism) for visualization and how complex the geometry is that we can observe by naked eye. It was so far from what I have learned from school, it never let me go again. Unfortunately, this is also, how this blog started years ago. I could not reach people by trying to explain ferrocell. I would nowadays start on a very different point than ferrocell to start introducing the unifying understanding of our Electromagnetic Universe. Thats why the introduction is rather long and not ferrocell based anymore. Nevertheless, you as you read through the long introduction, you might already know what I’m trying to point to and therefore enjoy the following content from that learned point of view, that EM-fields are basically Nature’s LEGO, the smallest building block on which everything builds up, being Nature’s dynamic fields present over all scales, from micro to macro.

I hope, you enjoy the journey of the following content, mainly focussed on what we dont know, of unexplained observable phenomena such as sun-dogs, ferrocell – magnetic field symmetry, fractality, geometry through vibration cymatics and further unexplained electric and magnetic phenomena.

I see it globally as the electric/magnetic revolution, which currently is revolutionizing our communication, our monetary system, our motility, our cosmology. Why shouldnt quantum physics and Einsteins relativity not also be affected by this evolving understanding? 🙂 ❤

I cant explain everything, but Im 100% confident, that the electromagnetic field perspective onto nature dynamics and not particle physics will be the one that will bring our next paradigm shift.

Note: when you think in energy and its resulting geometry, everything is “bubbles and vortecies”. Bubbles are expanding energy from its point-source and vortecies are contracting energy towards its point-source

You can find recently published scientific papers by Emmanouil Markoulakis here, proving the fundamental Electromagnetic field to exist.

According to special relativity, electrostatic forces and magnetic forces are actually one and the same thing, dependent on the viewers perspective. We talk about fundamental physics here, and for me, it was very confusing, wheater magnetic is primer over electric or vice versa. But in the end, it’s one and the same. So weather we call it Electric Universe, or Magnetic Universe, or Electromagnetic Universe, weather we call it a magnetic string that induces electric, an electric string that induces magnetic or an electromagnetic string, it’s all the same…

Dark Matter: Magnets can confine their field, making it non-interactive over distance, currently described as “non-magnetic”, which is an aspect of permanent magnetism that is currently not implemented in our physics. This effect of magnetic field confinement turning them into near-field magnets/near-field magnetic can be seen further down in the video “strange magnet with no field” and in “secrets of fields and magnetism” between 4.5 and 5.5min. If magnetic currents form short-circuits, they lose their ability to interact over distance, which we currently interpret as “not being magnets anymore”. They still are magnets, but their field is limited to the atomic barrier due to the confined magnetic current flow. They only interact via direct contact within atoms, and not over the atomic barrier anymore, as currently described as magnetic… This occurs for example, if magnets are connected in a circle, forming a short-circuit with their inherent magnetic current, or if a magnet is connected with both polarities symmetrically to two iron plates. This effect is absolutely crucial to understand that EVERYTHING is magnets and magnetic currents. What is not implemented in our physics is that there are two forms of “magnetic”, an interactive over distance (current understanding of magnetic) and a confined magnetic, that undergoes a magnetic-short-circuit, therefore losing its “magnetic” ability to interact over distance, which currently is incorrectly described as “non-magnetic”… Magnetism is not net-zeroed, it’s just not interactive over distance any longer. If two connected magnets pole-to-pole would net-zero their field, the magnets would flip and connect via their remaining non-connected poles. They don’t flip, because the currently thought zeroed-field only redirect their far-field to near-field only. The near field direct-contact interaction very much remains! This is incorrect in our current understanding of electrons sharing the orbital, turning them non-magnetic. This is incorrect in our understanding of non-magnetic matter. This matter is magnets like magnetic matter is, but their difference is that one type of matter has an active far-field, and the other has a near-field only.

The point of making one understand what confined magnetics are is really difficult, because it goes against everything we so far though magnetism is..

Cancelled magnetic fields - yet, the magnetism is still there, because the magnets still attract each other like before....! PROOF

We have two magnets here under the ferrocell. The magnets are connected via their blochwall to each other, therefore, as currently understood, they should become non-magnetic. This is also, what the ferrocell shows. There is a void between the magnets. One could easily conclude, that the magnetic field is net-zeroed. BUT……!!! THE MAGNETS STILL ATTRACT EACH OTHER LIKE CRAZY. They attract each other equally, as if they would have been connected pole-to-pole. THE MAGNETISM IS STILL THERE, but it doesn’t interact with the iron material anymore, because the magnetic field is confined. It becomes near-field magnetism, only net-zeroing its far-field magnetism. ELECTRONS UP/DOWN-SPIN CONJUGATION DOESN’T TURN THEM NON-MANGETIC. THEY BECOME NEAR-FIELD MAGNETS, NEAR-FIELD MAGNETIC. THIS IS A MISCONCLUSION OF CURRENT SCIENCE OF UNIMAGINABLE IMPORTANCE, BECAUSE THE CONCLUSION IS, THAT ALL MATTER IS MAGNETIC. Simply, that we think those who are non-magnetic and have nothing to do with magnetism have CONFINED MAGNETICS, and for sure not NO-MAGNETISM 🙂 ❤

Electron magnetic field cancellation

Confined magnetic fields invalidate dark matter by the way ❤


Magnetic current

We currently have no tools to measure confined near-field magnetics. What is still attracting here? Our measurement tools imply, there is no magnetism. But the magnets attractive force clearly is still there. Equally strong as we know it from far-field known magnetics. How can we measure it? Iron filings and ferrocell and CRT won’t measure it, so what will? What can measure the near-field magnetics of a conjugated up-spin/down-spin electron pair?

By the way, if you put the confined magnetic field understanding into our models, it means, the electron is the physical 2D blochwall of a magnet, spinning CW or CCW and thereby holographically creating the 3D magnetic field. The electron conjugation behaves like moiree interferrencemoiree

Dark Energy: The permanent standing-wave oscillation fundamentally defining every permanent magnet, every atom and all charged entitiesand its always present magnetic force, near field or far-field, or both. This permanent standing-wave oscillation and its always present attractive force is the energy, we currently don’t attribute to permanent magnets and non-magnetic materials, a permanent energy, going against the very concept of an oil-based energy-limited society we are currently living in…

It’s the energy of the forever spinning electron, its permanent magnetic field and the permanent near-field force, keeping them sticking together against their electric charge repulsion. This energy, this confined electromagnetic current is what is present in every macroscopic magnet too, in every object, no matter the scale, no matter weather magnetic or currently considered “non-magnetic”. If it permanently exists, it’s based on this concept. It’s confined electromagnetic energy, that we currently have no idea how to measure, neither how these standing-wave dynamics really work and how nature achieves to permanently express them (zero-point potential, more to that further down the blog). Permanent electromagnetic energy, absolutely everywhere in Nature, in every atom, no matter the type of matter….. If we succed to understand them, and synchronize our machinery to these standing-waves, our civilization will change forever.

Electromagnetic energy (plasma) in complete absence of gravity is capable to form DNA and galaxy like structurization of matter. #mindblow

Permanent magnet vs electromagnet

One experiment that has it all [Ferrocell] Electromagnetism, permanent magnetism, light and electricity

Permanent magnetic field symmetry

I hope you enjoy the incredible beauty of ferrocell visualizations in the following content and can get a grasp of how its revelations dive into the deep unknown of physics and nature.

Top right: Our current limited understanding of permanent magnetic field symmetry using iron filings.

Top left:  and reveal nature’s permanent electric and magnetic vibration in ultra high resolution, like never seen before. Nothing like iron filings had teached us. #Resonance #vibration #electromagnetic  #universe #standingwaves 

A unified theorie of everything can have only one thing, that unites it all. That is, in our case, electric & magnetic fields, electromagnetic vibration and their pointsource electrostatic power-potential – moving and standing waves – not fully understood.

Vibration – Point-sourced Electromagnetic oscillations/waves – create geometry and point-symmetry over all scales.

Ferrocell: Device to see permanent magnetism & Light at play, like never before ❤

Nature’s Trinity

Electric fields, electric currents – Magnetic fields, magnetic currents – and their permanent form – Magneto-&Electrostatics, permanent electric and magnetic resonance.

Nature’s energy source is the infinite electrostatic zero point-potential. Its the primer. Everything is created through its discharge resulting in electric and magnetic currents, either closed or open circuits.

Moving waves, which are pulse proturbations (light & electricity) and standing waves, which are resonance (matter).

What is Nature’s fundamental energy source – or in other words – what is the Ether? Its a non-local pressure potential that can be discharged, becoming dimensional voluminous, whereas the volume is limited to lightspeed. If you think of magnetism as space volume, magnetic pressure potential is the energy source. At the beginning of our universe, the volume is compressed to non-locality/non-dimensional, basically infinite pressure. This infinity can be described as complete stillness, or as all existing frequencies in perfect sync, which is basically the same, as 1 (all in sync) and 0 (complete stillness) at the same time. Superluminal energy state=non-local pressure potential, by discharge, it forms the standing-wave electron or better said, magnetron 🙂 ❤

Nature Spirals


Nothing is really static in the universe, as the isopotential lines suggest. They are pulsed from the pointsource, and as the pulse goes out and is then returned/reflected, it builds a standing wave. What we consider isopotential lines, is where the oscillation forms the nodal points or wave-peak-to-wave-peak, therefore seemingly static, but actually vibrating. The magnetic field is vibrating, just as the electric is. Nothing is really static in Nature. Everything is always in motion, with the only exception of zero-point.

There is continuously new progress in this emerging understanding of nature’s fundamental EM-field dynamics. I try my best to keep this webblog up-to-date, but as it has built up over the last 3 years, some things do not reflect the state-of-the-art knowledge anymore. But in anycase, the content should be able to deliver to you the emerging shift of perspective onto how we can soley describe Nature with Electromagnetic field dynamics, not requiring anything like dark matter, dark energy, strong force, weak force, color force or alike anymore.

Watch this mind-opening video of how a point-sourced vibration of a single frequency creates highly complex structures formed by its standing waves creating spin, motion, laminar or turbulent flow observable through nature on all scales. Now simply add, that Nature’s fundamental vibration and its frequency is not a vibrating plate and sand, but an electric and magnetic toroidal pulsing point-vibration following the exact same vibration-concept as illustrasted in the video above.

Observable scientific evidence is the highest degree of scientific evidence, standing way above mathematics and computersimulated predictions.





Currently we understand electric and magnetic fields as shown by iron filings, which is incomplete, lacking symmetric complexity and the understanding of energy potential present in permanent magnetic fields.

The ferrocell, for the first time in human history, reveals the full electromagnetic vibration and its field symmetry including its spin and pulse in all its complexicty! Its nothing like the iron filings visualization had teached us. This is uncharted territory and will impact on all branches of science!

Ferrocell shows the connection between permanent magnetism and electromagnetism (light). –> Permanent+Electromagnetic=atom. The resulting field that can be observed is usually “dark”, unless illuminated using light. Its the “permanent electric” of a permanent magnet – #ElectricResonance #ElectronResonance #permanent #electromagneticfield #unknownsymmetry #opposedspin #standingwaves

The ferrocell is not about the “lines of light” and not about the commonly known lines of force. The observable field lines in the ferrocell are due to the number of light sources, but this effect can be quasi eliminated. If continuous fibre optic lighting is used instead of LED light, one can take not, that the individual field lines almost disappear, but the field symmetry of the magnet seen through ferrocell remains! The field symmetry the ferrocell reveals is independent of the amount of lightsources used. The fundamental symmetry is always there, no matter the type of lighting.


Top row: Electric and magnetic field visualization using iron filings, teached method

Middle row: Model of our current EM-field symmetry understanding

Bottom row: Ferrocell reveals the unknown, a point-inverse symmetry compared to current EM-field understanding. This field is dark to the naked eye, unless illuminated using light #ferrocell ❤

The Magnet - EM fields

Magnetism - Zeropoint symmetry

EM fields are all about Zero-Point Symmetry ❤

Both methods use iron filings, both methods should therefore create the same end result regarding symmetry of the field (magnetized iron filings symmetry). But they dont. Ferrocell ADDS LIGHT to the equation. The end result is an inverse field symmetry if both methods are compared to each other. Why? And WHY THE NODAL POINT seen in ferrocell, between attractive AND reuplsive magnet configurations? The nodal point is completely absent in normal iron filings method. What does this tell us about LIGHT? Light is the only significant difference between the two methods. Consider this simple thought: Adding light to the equation is like adding energy to the equation. This simple difference results in very different outcome of observable field symmetry. Why?

7.3 Attraction vs repulsion

NASA Goddard Oct 2018: Gravity dynamics of black holes, or rather permanent magnetic repulsion seen through ferrocell (see slide above, bottom right)?

Ferrocell and single light source. Light warps around magnetic bloch wall.

anothermoebius info

Black hole simulation vs reality

Blackhole: Simulation (right) vs reality (left, ferrocell)

Ferrocell and the Black Hole. A permanent (electro)magnetic dipole?

Blackhole - Gravity vs EM

As the most extreme of our gravitational model of the cosmos (black holes) predict almost the same geometry as a simple magnet seen through ferrocell, our gravitational model is put into question. It rather seems to me, that what we think is gravity, is actually electromagnetism, currently not included in our electromagnetic understanding. Ferrocell geometry is not explained nor understood. It really is the ultimate frontier of our current understanding.

Sun Corona and ferrocell

Notice the effect of changing lighting or viewing angle on a ferrocell

Light accumulates towards the event horizon of the black hole. (Berkeley University, 2018)

FERROCELL ANNAanothermoebius infoHydrogen Electron Shell

The Hydrogen electron. A permanent electromagnetic dipole? Why do two electrons attract each other, “sharing or avoiding” their orbital depending on their spin? Because magnetism is attractive, or repulsive.


Ferrocell – Permanent magnetism & Light: Two opposed spin waves symmetry – standing waves consiting of pulse/beats per time and spin/angular momentum per time



Ferrocell visualization of permanent magnetic field

Left: Overlay of attraction & repulsion Right: Overlay of bar magnet with aequatorial and back lighting.

Sundog & Ferrocell

Ferrocell and Sundog light phenomena

4 soapbubbles tetrahedron

4 soap bubbles and their shared surfaces (magnetic bloch wall) forming a tetrahedron symmetry.

Using light, the ferrocell reveals the fine details of the electromagnetic field symmetry and spin that remains hidden in iron filings visualization.

Electric and magnetic fields conjugated in toroidal symmetry. A point polarization resulting in opposed spin equilibrium. Its not only sine- and cosine waves.

The ferrocell reveals a point-symmetry of the electromagnetic field, indicating a new type of spherical wave. A pulse-oscillation, like a heart beating contraction, expansion, explosion, implosion, attraction, repulsion relative to a point, nature’s toroidal standing wave. While pulsing, its spinning. 

If we spin a sine-wave around a center of mass, the ferrocell’s permanent electromagnetic field symmetry appears – The Fourrier Transformation. From 2D di-electric to 3D holographic magnetic. These standing waves consist of spin angular-momentum and frequency (beats/pulse).

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle: Frequency & Momentum specificy

Heart of mathematics

A fractal toroidal-hypertrochoidal Electromagnetic-field conjugation. Did you ever hear of the heart of mathematics? The Mandelbrot and Julia Sets?

The fascination about fractal Mandelbrot and its fractal mathematics: Z squared + random digit: I strongly suggest to first watch the video, and then continue reading this comment section.

Stable resonant fractal oscillation to zero-point infinity within mandelbrot fractal boundary. Unstable degenerating fractal oscillation to infinity outside of mandelbrot boudndary.

It either trends to zero (“stable/permanent”), or to inifinity (“unstable/non-permanent”). Stable conditions are only present from zero up to the boundary of mandelbrot eventhorizon.

Please note that zero-point, non-dimensionally expressed geometric point, contains infinite field potential and is therefore also an infinity, simply on the other end of the spectrum of what we usually understand as infinity. Infinitely discharged potential energy vs infinitely charged potential energy (zero-point).

To understand what an inifinity is from our point of perspective as 3 dimensional human beings you have to think in geometry.

What is this zero-point?: Its a point, the point of symmetry in geometric terms, its something. Its a point, yet, we are not allowed to draw it dimensionally, because then its not a point anymore. So the point is something per geometric definition, yet nothing dimensionally speaking. This is how we can connect nature’s infinity to our human dimensional experience, to have a feeling for it, what it is. Its an infinite electrostatic power potential, non-dimensionally expressed.

When thinking in fields, Zero-point is the point-of-origin of fields, the point, from which any field vectors are drawn. Its the ultimate point of symmetry. Its a non-dimensionally infinite field vector point-potential. The field becomes dimensionally expressed through consumption of a quantized amount of this vector potential.

When thinking electromagnetically, zero-point is the electrostatic non-dimensional infinite energy point-potential. Through discharge, it forms electric and magnetic currents, dimensionally expressed dynamic electromagnetic fields.

In a religious analogy, god would be the infinite electrostatic energy potential. Through speaking a word (electric discharge), he initiates creation, which is the words frequency and vibration, force and motion, resonance, harmony (electromagnetic waves).

Zero-point is why there is “something” rather than “nothing” in our universe 🙂 ❤ Infinite electrostatic zero-point potential is “nothing, dimensionally speaking” that is actually “something geometrically and electrically/magnetically (fields) speaking”.

rather something than nothing

Everything in our universe follows this principle. All forces and energies increase, the smaller the space, trending to infinite energy density, when reaching zero-point.

Matter: The smaller the particles, the stronger the forces required to have the particles sticking together. Strong force on atomic scale – Color force on quark scale. Color force is stronger than strong force. The smaller the particles, the stronger the forces we need to correct the model, to keep things attaching together. Infinitly small particles would need infinitly strong forces to keep them together.

Light: The smaller the wavelength, the higher the energy-density. Light with infinitely small wavelength would have infinite energy-desity. X-ray small wavelength light has higher energydensity than red long-wavelength-light.

Big bang: The point-singularity/point-infinity is the start. It contains infinite energy density. Through discharge, it becomes something, our universe with reduced energy-density.

Earth holographic toroidal eletric & magnetic energy field

Earth’s toroidal energy dynamics.

Electric potential & magnetic & electric fields are the only fields that can propagate without a medium. They can travel through “empty space”. The logical conclusion is that permanent magnetic fields and electric resonance are medium/space itself, thereby “not requiring an additional medium to propagate through”.

Electric potential through discharge creates an electric current which induces a magnetic current and vice versa. The trinity is ultimately connected.

hurricane eye gifsunspot gif

Analogy of electromagnetic energy dynamics of a hurricane eye and a sunspot eye. An opposed spin equilibrium.

Hurricane opposed spin

Notice the opposed spin dynamics of a hurricane.

Nature’s stading wave: Two opposed spins, converging, diverging, in a pulse oscillatory equilibrium.

Must read:

Fractal Nature


In magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), if a patient has a metal implant, there is disturbance patterns appearing. They look exactely like the pattern we can observe in a Permanent magnet seen with Ferrocell (Light) or Cathod Ray Tube (CRT, Electron gun and fluorescent screen, like old TV).

What is the electromagnetic resonance aspect of a permanent magnet? 

1.2tumblr_o0uvnxeUi21qdim8eo1_540torus motion

Toroidal dynamics.

We havent yet found the end of the electromagnetic spectrum. It seems limitless, yet defined measurable EM-wavelengths. Like a fractal – geometric infinity  – and yet defined.



Neither Dark Matter nor Dark Energy has ever been measured. They are mathematical predictions only. This means, we only investigate 4% of everything smashing particles.

Einstein said, E=mc2, so everything can be seen as energy. .

Natures Energy has not been defined, we assume its “dark”: Yet, in my opinion, Light, Electricity & permanent magnetism and electric potential, all connected to one another through wave-interferrence-geometry are the drivers of natures dynamics, nothing dark required. They can perfectly cover attraction, repulsion, motion, illumination, volume, structure/geometry, oscillation, power potential, spin, compression, expansion, dimensions and point polarization.


The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT, electrons & permanent magnetism):

Vibration: Nature’s Simplicity – Simple Frequency & Vibration to create very complex symmetry. Electromagnetic currents/waves and standing waves is nature’s fundamental language.

Noone has published any answers so far to what we observe when looking at a permanent magnet through ferrocell, its not understood. It doesnt show the magnetic field as we currently understand it:

The full electromagnetic field symmetry is only visible (illuminated), when energy such as photons (ferrocell) or electrons (CRT) are applied.

The ferrocell reveals the Electromagnetic field to include permanent opposed spins and standing wave patterns!

N&S attractive poles: iron filings has horizontal connections, ferrocell no horizontal connections.

N&N repulsive poles: Iron filings have no horizontal connection, ferrocell has.

A bar magnet: vortecies at each pole visible with ferrocell & Bloch wall, not visible using iron filings.

Continuous/static (equilibrated) or moving (non-equilibrated, polarized) opposed spin patterns!

Magnetic resonance - change one of the opposed equilibrated spins seen with ferrocell to create all forms of geometry and motion



The full Electromagnetic spectrum:

  1. Known: Transverse Electromagnetic sine and cosine waves.

  2. Unknown, revealed by Ferrocell: Longitudinal resonant Electromagnetic point-oscillatory waves (toroidal), like a pulse, a toroid, exploding, imloding, exploding, imploding, oscillating from one into the other, expansion, contraction around a ponit of symmetry, Nature’s  “permanent” electromagnetic standing wave.



Our nervous system works on electromagnetic principles. Our muscles are electrically controlled, just like our sense of touch is. When we are excited, we get goose bumps, which makes our body hair magnetically to stand up in a 90° angle to the electric current moving through our body ❤

Plasma, electrically excited matter, matter’s 4th state next to gaseous, liquid and solid (some impressions, Plasma almost looks alive):


Considerable similarities of electric current carving its fractal way through wooden material compared to a landscape seen from above, our lung structure, corals, coast-line patterns, the branching of a tree or lightning strike.

A 180° point inverse relation of the electromagnetic field to itself, making it toroidal, fully 3-dimensional, fractal, literally being the electromagnetic structure of space.

Polarization in reference to the toroids center, the point of origin/reference, infinite compression and therefore infinite electrostatic potential to become something through potential decharge resulting in electric and magnetic currents or permanent standing waves.

The higher the electromagnetic compression, the higher the electric potential energy density.

Light follows this concept: the smaller the wavelength, the higher the energy potential. Red light is warm, x-Ray hurts us. Infinitely small wavelength at point of symmetry, infinite compression and therefore infinite electric energy potential. This is not the type of electric potential coming out of a power plug. Its the type of electric potential that forms our thoughts, our conciousness. ❤

Water & Electricity forming neuron like geometry? (Ben Davidson, Suspicious0bservers)


Permanent magnetic fields, electromagnetic resonance, dissonance and harmonics & Spin dynamics:

Why do all plants spin & vibrate (in very slow motion) as they grow? Why does earth spin and sing (vibrate) as every cosmological object has its overtone frequency?

Spin in electric currents


The permanent magnetic field, a fractal field?


Light is an electromagnetic wave. Light Electricity and Magnetism seem all connected to each other. Magnetic fields seem to be fractal. Electricity and matter form fractal patterns. The sundog shows the fractal pattern of light interacting with matter.


How to imagine Fractal Nature (Mandelbrot, Cardioid, Nephroid..)


Golden Mean Polymer Art-Design: Golden mean designed polymer structure on a spinning table. Golden angle strobe lighting (every 137.5°). The sculpture seems to come alive, slowed down from its base spin, even moving against base spin, behaving as if its a completely independent entity, as alive.

Phi gif 2

Toroidal Spin & Disected circle every 137.5° (Golden Angle) – Growing Sun Flower

Spin: If a circle is disected by golden angle (137.5°), it never ends up on the same spot twice.

Vortex based mathematics (VBM, Randy Powell, Marko Rodin)





Missing attributes of magnetic fields in our current understanding, revealed by Ferrocell and CRT.





Light (ferrocell) concentrates, where electrons (CRT) dont.



Notice how the pattern of the hydrogen atom’s electron shell looks exactely like a magnet seen through ferrocell (right vs mid image), while the sundog (left image, atmosphere, non-magnetized “normal” matter) does show an additional 90°-phase shift!

A permanent magnet and the electron shell look exactely alike, just on different scales. Is the electron a tiny permanent magnet? How are permanent magnetic fields and electrons related? Electrons are permanent moving charge, creating permanent magnetic fields. 

How is light related to permanent magnetic fields? Virtual photons?

Why does non-magnetized (non-coherent) matter of sundog show an additional 90° phase shift compared to ferrocell (permanent magnet, coherent matter)?

Could the electron shells be fractal, toroidal, an electromagnetic standing wave?


Toroidal dynamics of our Earth’s Atmosphere

The same at Saturn and Jupiters Poles.





Coherent spin (linear), noncoherent spin (turbulent)


Storm Clouds, toroidal dynamics at “large” scale.



This is an overlap of fotos of sun-dog phenomenon observed by naked eye. Again we see a toroid, as observed in ferrocell aswell (Does this connect all scales?).

An “apple” of light 🙂 As if the apple is a stable form of light. As light is an electromagnetic/magneto-dielectric wave, the apple is as a stable form thereof, a standing wave.




The bright spot of a rainbow can be reproduced using ferrocell. A toroid of light.





Nature is all about Bubbles (Energy bursts) & Vortecies (Energy sinks), Centrifugal & Centripetal Spin



The Magnetic Event Horizon (discovered by Ken L. Wheeler)

Red Shift Blue Shift mimicked by Light & Magnetism (Ken L. Wheeler)

This Journey has just started. Thank you Timm Vanderelli for inventing The Ferrocell pointing to Toroidal Energy Dynamics, the Science of Tomorrow ❤

The only intent of this webpage is to inspire, share and care.


To understand the sercrets of Electromagnetic fields and their standing wave pattern, we have to understand the connection between”alignment of spin”, which is what happens when a permanent magnet is created. Electrons are aligned relative to each other, which as effect amplifies their spin wave pattern into macrocosmos as a electromagnetic field. Just like many small permanent magnets can fuse their fields forming one large macroscopic resulting field. This is how a billion electrons form macroscopic, complex geometric patterns. “Sticky electrons/permanent magnets” fuse their force, resulting in one dominating macroscopic field geometry. During this process, nothing is changed about the net amount of matter, only electron spin alignment is changed. There is an infinite amount of different ways spins can be aligned/oriented relative to each other. Spins are relative to each other (phase) is how nature encodes information.

Its all about the collective. How the many spins are relative to each other and their resulting electromagnetic field symmetry and macroscopic standing wave pattern. At least two spins are required to create this effect. Electrons wobble around their spin axis (spin precession). This wobbling can be transmitted from one electron to the other, like a wave. If billions of electrons align their wobbling wave-motion, arrange in phase, the collective electron spin precession information is amplified into macroscopic standing wave patterns of electromagnetic fields. Just like Fibonacci suggests, one spin precession information relative to its neighbour. One number relative to the other, the only mathematical row that is defined by two numbers instead of 3, because the phase conjugation of electron spin alingment and resulting macroscopic permanent magnetic field symmetry and standing wave pattern is  elegantly simple.

Side-remark: Currently, we are living the electromagnetic revolution, and it just started 😉

Nature’s creation: Lets use the BigBang energy analogy. At the beginning, all energy is concentrated to a point singularity. This point is an infinite electric potential, a voltage without dimensional footprint. This electrostatic point potential can be decharged into electric current, which induces a magnetic current.

Oscillating electromagnetic fields. There are moving electromagnetic waves (Photons & Electrons) or standing permanent electromagnetic waves, resonance, dissonance and harmonics.

Nature plays electromagnetic harmoney, music. When will we start to listen carefully? ❤



  1. comment on video: JK Plasma Magnetics Experiment 2
    After very cool demonstration, he says “It shows that magnetic lines, are actually they have spin”. Which seems to be true. But if that is true, then I would think that a magnet could induce an electrical current in a wire by just sitting stationary next to it. When in fact, the magnet has to be moving with respect to wire to induce a current. At least that’s what I have heard. Wonder why.

    comment on video: 3. There’s something about phi – Chapter 11 – The golden toroid and the infinite spiral
    There is nothing special about using phi to get repetitions of that ratio around a circle to never return to original position. What he is doing will work with any irrational number (such as √2), and phi is irrational because it includes that √5.


    1. Hi Atelios, thank you for making it through all the content!
      I think there is no current induced as we see CW and CCW spin at the same time when a magnet is viewed through ferrocell. We would need to change this equilibrium to get spin to perform work. What I find particularily interesting is that we do not associate opposed spins to neighter permanent magentism nor light, or am I wrong? 🙂


      1. Thank you very much for responding!! You say there is actually CW and CCW spin at the same time, and if that is true, I do see that that might well preclude the induction of a current from a stationary magnetic. But if you look at this video, which is of the same thing but slowed down by filming at 400 frames per second, it seems that that is not the case:

        You see, I am interested in this field of perpetual motion/free energy. I am really wondering now if maybe a stationary magnetic DOES induce a slight current. What if you would wrap a very fine wire around a magnetic as large and powerful as the one in the demonstration. Could it possibly induce a very small current?


      2. As Nature is fractal, which implys infinity, I am confident that the energy is there. I think of it as an Electromagnetic Equilibrium, a form of Resonance & Harmony (CW & CCW spin at the same time, as in Ferrocell). Most difficult question there is, how to tap it. My guess would be to combine all 3 forms of Energy, permanent magnetism, electricity and matter (spark gap, Plasma – electrified matter) and play around, try to make it resonate electrically speaken.

        Ken L. Wheeler wrote the most amazing free e-book, where he summarizes all his thoughts about magnetism. If you can overread the hate against Einstein and main stream science, you will enjoy the content. He is a brilliant mind. (Download link to Wheelers e-book)


  2. Intereseting, nice presentations of facts…


    what does all this mean?

    What is your point, and what are you trying to conclude..

    more text and summary man..

    Keep it up!


  3. Still i cannot bring myself to be convinced to abandon the mainstream science. And the proponent of the theory Ken wheeler is a narcissistic sociopath that can’t handle debate and blocks anyone that dares makes questions to him under his videos. I bet he doesn’t have the guts to calmly explain his beliefs in an interview and establish clear terms. He is using emotional manipulation and verbal diarrhea/word salad, and cyclical arguments, to cover the fact he has no idea what he is talking about and to intimidate gullible people. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us though, your spirit is more pure than his, and of genuine inquiry and NOT dogmatism.


    1. Hi George,
      Thanks a lot for your comment 🙂 Has been 9 month since the last one! Always feels good to get feedback 🙂
      I think we should rather focus on subject matter about what ferrocell is actually showing, instead of judging Kens personality.
      He thought me a lot, and my thoughts here wouldnt exists on that level without his inputs, so I am highly thankful for how he teached me, despite his angry-mode. I was able to look over it and just absorb the actually very high quality content of his mind.
      I can understand him a little. The internet is a cruel place sometimes, and if you are one of the first with an emerging new theory, you can earn so much hate that it can break you. I bet, Ken kind of went thorugh something like this, therefore his frustrations.
      He just recently had a talk in front of a crowd, and he didnt hate nor curse, focused on the good and was highly appreciated by the crowd. This is how it should be.
      Those with interest should first listen, then discuss the subject, not hate the person trying to explore new territory.


    2. If one has the ability to ask oneself questions and refrain from blindingly believing in “mainstream” science one will find that ALL of Ken’s physics are 100% accurate and the so-called “true” golden ratio model of physics based on the dielectric field. From the evidence I’ve seen most people skim through his work and claim it non-sense yet if one actually does the experiments and puts the research into Ken’s work one will find he’s is spot on unquestionably. I believe there is not much help for people that deny the golden ratio, phi, when there is blatant evidence of it legitimately EVERYWHERE.


  4. I’m glad I’m not the only crazy one. Some content I have come across on my own and you introduced me to some new content. The hardest thing is dumping knowledge of mainstream science. Once you realize that it’s composed of mainly theory you can come up with your own. Seeing someone else with the same ideas brings hope and also an overwhelming feeling of stupidity. I’m glad you posted your findings for others to learn. I wish you luck in your endeavor to find out how the universe works. I like to imagine a day where a person is not forced to work to live, but can explore the universe as they please.


  5. Thank you very much for putting this together.

    I have another source you can add to this, it connects to biology.Mind blowing discovery of how there is computation going on in form of electric fields in biology. The research in this video is like the biological equivalent of discovering that our galaxy isn’t the only galaxy in the universe. But that there are instead billions of galaxies in the universe. Also just to put things in perspective, there are still people alive today who lived in a time where we thought that our galaxy was the only galaxy in the universe.

    What Bodies Think About: Bioelectric Computation Outside the Nervous System – NeurIPS 2018:

    Deeply relates with all this I sense.


  6. i am a 72 year old student of Tesla. Mr Ken Wheeler is really on the button. For me many things point to fully understanding the “Faraday Paradox”, cos understanding this simple experiment could give many answers. Plasma is very interesting and i enjoyed your work very much. Regards…. DC .. Geoff

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both educative and interesting,
    and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is an issue that too few people are speaking intelligently about.

    I’m very happy that I found this in my search for something concerning this.


  8. Simply desire to say your article is as astonishing.

    The clearness in your post is simply cool and i can assume
    you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post.
    Thanks a million and please continue the rewarding work.


  9. Your theory that gravity is actually electro magnetism is pretty freaking awesome. Rather than space time being bent around a planet, that the planet itself is magnetic and interacting with every other magnetic entity around it seems very probable. That the atom – its nucleus and electrons, form a permanent magnet seems to me to be utterly and completely obvious. I wonder what this theory could tell us if applied to protein folding – current protein folding theory says it is a combination of various elements in a protein that lend its shape – what if instead it is the magnetic properties of the atoms in the protein that are giving it its shape? Interesting stuff – I’m sure you are aware that you will encounter nothing but persecution from the powers that be and the general public.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading through it 🙂

      When things are permanent, it’s permanent magnetism.
      When something does something, it’s due to magnetic force fields.
      All our space is the magnetic force field and it’s volume.
      And it drains it’s energy to maintain the standing-wave from point-source, which is electrostatic/dielectric and non-local.
      I think, when we understand this non-coherent magnetic interaction, we will decifer protein folding.

      The very special Bismuth geometry is a fascinating element!
      It’s the most “anti”-magnetic element and it does straight line fibonacci spirals. It’s point symmetric, implosive, just like the toroid is.
      Imo, it’s the toroids “straight-line” conjugate.

      I believe there is 2 fundamental oscillations in Nature.
      One between magnetic/antimagnetic and one between point&Volume as contraction/expansion, a pulse oscillation.
      I think there is an oscillation between these two geometries as our magnetic space, magnetic toroidal into hypercubal back and forth.
      The other type of osciilation is point into space, as a pulse-oscillation. Contraction/expansion, a pulsing toroid/hypercube mixed geometry.
      And there must be point symmetry as the non-local energy point-source, electrostatic/dielectric in its nature.

      Every tree has both geometries within it.
      Anti-magnetic geometry, straight lines, like branches, lightning etc, expanding/contracting hyper-cubes.
      Magnetic geometry, curved lines, toroidal, expanding/contracting spheres


      1. Two incommensurable fields. A fundamental fractal code like mandelbrot, with infinite holographic iterations.
        An energy potential field and a magneto-kinetic field, two incommensurate principles. Finite & Infinite in one fractal conjugate.

        I believe Lori Gardi is very close. I think the mandelbrot is the fractal non-local information. And it manifests into fractal magnetic holographic space (the fractal iterations) by “electro/magneto-potential” discharge.

        Zero-point potential and it’s information are the most difficult as concept to grasp.
        Before existance, there was potential, there was information.
        It perfectly fits into the magneto-holographic zero-point potential fractal point-symmetric universe

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Absolutely 💯 amazing! For about two hours or so I have been reading and watching these videos. Phenomenal presentation! 3 / 6 / 9. Nikola Tesla’s information that I have gathered that is so fractured due to censoring was very interesting. This presentation has eclipsed everything that I have been trying to piece together over many years and summed it up in one place! Mind blowing information. Thank you so much for broadening my perspectives!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Mate, I absolutely love your work. However there is a web page that you need to check out that will give you more clues. It blew my mind today. The toroidal shape, the vortex, helix nature. Miniature wormholes created by the electrons spinning at the speed of light.
    Going into the 5th dimension and back into our dimension. That’s how we record it as a wave. Positive wave, negative wave. But it goes in and out with a spin due to the vortex created.
    This will be a must read for you. Oh also not my website.


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