Our Electric & Magnetic Energy Universe

Nature is simple. There is the Electric, and there is the Magnetic, whereas one is the conjugate of the other both unified acting as one field. These Energy Fields vibrate, pulse-oscillate, whereas vibrations interfere and thereby manifest Geometry.

These Energy Fields are Fractal Fields, whereas fractal implies that there is infinity. You can’t have fractal without infinite (iterations). Fractals are self-similar, meaning every “pixel” contains the full information. Fractality is perfect to unify infinite & finite, as in the finite equation at its fundament having infinite iterations.

Energy Source/The Absolut is a point potential of infinite energy density. Its discharge manifests our vibrational fractal self-similar “holographic” Electromagnetic cymatic Universe.

Vibrational Energy Fields – Electric & Magnetic Energy – Fractal unity of Inifinite & Finite – Vibrational Cymatic Geometry – Point-Infinity

“Let’s study Nature’s invisible energy fields and their cymatic geometry and science will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existance” – Nikola Tesla

Zero Point Absolute is like a laminar energy flow without disturbance and therefore without reference. Once disturbed/discharged, it manifests.

Not only can it charge and discharge, it can also stabilize, equilibrate, resonate, forming standing-waves, pulse-oscillations contracting and expanding from point into sphere back to point, in repeating fasion.

Everything in Nature is due to the vibrations undergoing interference, thereby manifesting geometry over all scales of our universe. (Geometric) Zero-Point is the Energy Source, the Absolute

The Magnetic Field is a Fractal Energy Field

Adding spin to permanent magnetic field geometry and we get sprouting flower dynamics.

Vacuum Plasma

The Electric Field is a Fractal Energy Field

Zero Point Electric Potential – Charge & Discharge unleasing conjugated Magnetic Forces, with opposite yet attracting poles, a stationary resonant standing-wave, a pulse-oscillation, expanstion from point, into sphere, contracting back to point in repeating fasion., thereby manifesting the toroid.

The Electropotential and its conjugated magnetic force field are both energy fields. All vibrations connect at zero-point. When these energhy fields/vibrations interfere, interact, geometry manifests.

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